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Remodeling and Home Design
SR Home Design Inc - Susan Reich - South Florida's Leading Residential Interior Designer. SR HOME DESIGN

We’ll establish a color scheme that sets the tone for your house, one that makes you feel at home.

Drapes, wood blinds or fabric panels, SR Home Design is skilled in all forms of window dressing. From faux finishing to upholstered walls, let us create the perfect look for you!  

Pulling it all together with the finishing touches, that’s what makes the difference.

It’s in the details, not the budget.

From helping you select the right appliances and hardware to setting the last placemat, SR Home Design is there every step of the way.

Finding the perfect piece of furniture, in the right budget, that’s our specialty. We will shop the stores until we find just what we need. If we can’t find it, we’ll design it ourselves and have it made.

SR Home Design offers a range of design options for residences of all sizes.

Interior Design Tools

Color coordination and selection.

Window and wall covering.

Furniture selection and procurement.

Art and accessory styling.

Custom Drapery Artwork and Decorative Accessorie. Interior and Exterior Lighting.


Custom Kitchen and Bath Remodels.

The most often overlooked aspect in design. This critical feature establishes mood, illuminates the room and is often forgotten.  At SR Home Design we make sure you’re not left in the dark.   

Custom and Ready-Made Furniture. Kitchen and Bath Remodels. Full Service Remodels and Interior Decorating