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Stretching Your Decorating Dollars

While remodeling your home can be a big undertaking, it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to get a remodeled look, without great time, expense or stress. Whether you need to update your home in order to sell it or just want change for your own enjoyment, there is always a budget.

The first place to start is with the most noticed room in your house – the kitchen. The following suggestions should provide you with a quick, reasonably priced kitchen upgrade. At a minimum, change the hardware to reflect a more current style.

If your European cabinets lack handles, add them so as to provide a completely different look. If you can afford to, also change your counter top. It  would be most economical to change from a  laminate to granite, as local shops are often running specials on this material. This move will take years off your kitchen. When possible, upgrade to a stainless steel sink and change the faucet. Depending on your current backsplash, you may want to run the granite up as your backsplash. If you have a great tile, than leave it alone.

Moving on to the bathrooms, assuming you  do not want to rip up the tile, here again, change the counter top, and sink, faucet and hardware. You can also update the towel bar and paper holder. Look to bring in color with some fresh towels and new accessories. These are minimal expenditures, for maximum results.

In previous articles, I wrote about the benefits of painting. This is something to strongly consider for the bathroom. It’s a small space, therefore minimal time and money. Finally, be sure not to overlook the main purpose of a bathroom, the toilet. Be sure your toilet is in good working order. If you feel it necessary to change, there are very reasonably priced options.

It’s important for a bedroom to look  fresh and inviting. Something as simple  as changing the bedding can completely transform the room. Remember to include throw pillows and window treatments in the grouping. Since the bed is the major focal point in the room, be sure it is up to date. Also, be on the look out for clutter. If you put forth the money and effort to change the look, make sure it can be seen.

Look at your home from an objective point of view. Remove yourself  as the homeowner, and put yourself in the position of a buyer or visitor. Are  your windows properly covered or do  you have sheets hanging from them? Verticals are very outdated and scream  UPDATE ME!!!! While they were the rage back in the 80’s, there are new styles that can be just as effective and cost efficient. If you have no window treatments, then definitely add some. A home looks unwelcoming without proper window treatments. There is a wide variety of ready made treatments available. Lastly, if you have wood or tile floors, add a rug. This will add a lot of warmth to the area and change the whole look of  the room.

Kitchen in West Broward by Susan Reich